Conlon Construction Co.

"Lottman Carpenter Construction has completed several large retail projects for Conlon Construction in the past few years. Our retail clients have been very strict regarding quality control and the specifications of their buildings. I have been very impressed with Lottman Carpenter Construction in respect to every aspect of the projects:

  • Their review of the projects before bidding
  • Submittal reports
  • Competent field personnel
  • Meeting the work schedule and the manning of work force
  • Billing and office follow-up
  • Prompt follow-up regarding any punchlist items"

Charles O. Warren
Construction manager
Conlon Construction Co.


Brown Construction Co.

"By the way, I talked to Jim yesterday on site and let him know that I appreciate the quality of the work he does. Lottman Carpenter does very good work and I have appreciated working with you and your staff. Sometimes we get in the heat of battle and forget to say thanks once in a while"

Nate Herbst
Brown Construction Co.